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My Experience with Ubuntu

I started using Ubuntu recently. After using Windows for such a long time, it was a bit difficult to get used to Linux, as I had never ever worked on Linux before.

Why Linux?
Out of curiosity… Yes, I had heard a lot about Linux as I was surrounded by people who use only Linux. I just wanted to see what Linux is all about. At the same time one of my friend switched from Windows to Linux. We had some discussion on the issues he faced and experience with Linux and then I decided to give a try!

What I liked in Linux?

After using it for a while (just for 2 months),
1. The very first thing I liked is it’s UI. I found it too cool. : I have heard from many people complaining about Linux UI but I really liked it, may be because I used Ubuntu 10.4 Lucid Linux directly!  It has got style, easiness and very importantly they have followed very logical structure. If a user clicks on menus, he will know whether he should go there or not. For examle, if I want to use Skype then, It’s a Application-> in Internet category. It seems most logical, isn’t it?

2. It is free: The most important factor! If I want try it, I need not to pay anything, it is completely free.  I can adopt that anytime.

3. Lots of information is available on forums/ Linux community: I found the overall help on Linux issues is really wide. There are many forums,active mailing lists, solutions are available. I mean, if you are stuck somewhere then yes, you can easily find solutions, which is great. I believe, adopting Linux need some learning part which is made easy because of this widely available information.

4. Open source: Yes, I can see how it is built. I can see Kernal code. This is the biggest advantage for Embedded people, even software developers. They can really see the in and outs of Linux.

5. Terminal/ Command Prompt: You would be surprised, why Command prompt (Terminal) is a separate point? But, I really liked two things about it.
a. It keeps record of all the commands you used, till date. You can always use these commands, no need to type them all the time or by heart them.
b. Transparent: Yes, this also helped to me a lot, I always need to see which command to give as per tutorials. So either I need to adjust those two windows or if background of tutorial is White then simply could see through the command prompt.

6. Never see any problem of Virus/ No Dll issues : This is big relief. No need of anti-virus, no problems of dlls. You can really concentrate on what you are doing. If you are a Windows user, you can really feel the difference.

7. Loads fast: The system get loaded so fast that really no time requires for booting.

Things I didn’t like in Linux

1. No Installers: (Softwares/Drivers): I really miss UI based installers in Linux. It gives big relief to user. User should need to worry about the packages needed to install, repositories and all. So, the installation of any hardware/software is a bit scary specially for non-techie users. That has to be very simple.

2. Every time password is required: Actually, this is good considering security but if a user is from Windows environment then it is irritating to enter password all the time.

But, I really liked Ubuntu Linux!
As a programming perspective, it gives tremendous flexibility. There are many things available free and you can try them. Web applications, mobile applications all the frameworks are free. You can easily use them and learn a lot. The support for forums is great. You really have great scope learning it.

I will also write about Linux- programming perspective, tools available etc in coming posts!


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