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GUI: Graphical User Interface

There are lots of things discussed about GUI [Graphical User Interface]. May that be a windows application, web-site or web application, GUI is what user has to deal with. We have to be very careful about it. Here I am figuring out issues regarding GUI, what the Developer should think about GUI, from what I have experienced till now as a Developer as well as user.

1. First Impression: The very first screen of the application that is home page is very important. That is the start point of the user interaction. Home page should not display a bunch of complex options or flashy animations having music at the background. The first impression has to be very simple, sophisticated and something which will surely give an idea of what all the things can be done after being on this page.
Flashy animations and music is not always preferred by the user. Instead we can give a brief instruction on where to start.
Also, on this screen user should not need to search for user name & password entry, from all the new launches and schemes displayed. User must feel comfortable with this page.

2. Keep it Simple: All uses are not experts in the computer operations. The UI has to be so simple that user can easily make out what to do, without any help. For any user who has not worked much on computer should be able to operate the application based on Common Sense. It has to be that simple.
By simplicity I mean, the ease of work. User should really find it easy to work on the system. I have seen people complaining about the e-system for the reason of complexity. They find it really difficult to do the things on computer than manual system. The reason is GUI not simple. It has not been designed keeping the target users in mind. If people get something which substantially reduces their efforts (without putting any extra efforts in learning the system), they will prefer software.

3. Decency: Decent look definitely creates a good impression than gaudy colors. UI should create a smile on user’s face every time and should not put strain on the eyes, by making it difficult to read stylish font and adjusting with dark colors. It has to be very decent appearance with the ease of reading contents, nice color scheme.

4. Pattern: The pattern followed has to be continued everywhere. It is really irritating to operate if different patterns are used. Every transaction has to be related with previous.
Users hate watching changes on every visit.

5. BIG “No” for overuse of Graphics: It really doesn’t look nice when pages start bombarding the images and animation. User has not much concern about graphics. When application takes longs to load, user is unhappy. No one loves waiting.

6. The Designer and Developer mindset: The designer mindset is to make anything attractive and programmer mindset is make things work properly. But there has to be very much concern on how user will prefer to see all things present on the screen.
For example, if user has to scroll down every page, then it is irritating.

7. No pop ups: When some pops ups are compulsory displayed, user doesn’t like that. If those are advertisement then it is not advisable. Keeps adds appearing on the screen but not through pop ups. Any ways, user has no choice than blocking the pop up.

8. Usability Vs Visibility: The only important thing about any web application is how USABLE it is than how VISIBLE it is. User is very happy when GUI is simple and user friendly. If user is getting all the things needed in a simple, decent format he is happy. On the contrary, if graphics is good, but lacks usability then it is of no use.

End Note: The software is developed to make things easy and simple. So, using it has to be pretty simple not complex. To use software application basic computer knowledge and some common sense should be required, nothing else.

** All the statements made here are based on general software application interface, end user perspective. Different domains need different treatment.


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