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How to get Peace of Mind in today’s Fast Life?

 This was the topic I had taken for one of the essay competition. I had written it in Marathi; I am trying to translate it in English. It was very lengthy so I have shortened it to highlight the main points.

In the past people used to get fairly decent amount of time to share with family, friends and kids. Nowadays due to hectic life & lifestyle there is no time at all. We are so occupied in our daily activities that people find very little time for family, friends and relatives and even for themselves. Even school going kids have totally packed schedule, it was not so before. It shows that life is becoming faster and hectic day by day.

            At the same time our responsibilities are increasing, stress is increasing. We carry lots of tension with us 24 * 7. May that be school going student or working professional.

We are losing peace of mind!

 What is peace of mind? It is a state of mind when you feel good; you are tension free, experience good mental health!

 I would like to focus on some physiological aspects about how to achieve that state and why we lose the peace of mind?

I do believe that human nature is reactive. Our behavior is a reaction on some incident. We never lose peace of mind till everything is in our control. 

  We have different emotions like anger, pride, happiness, fear, jealousy etc as a human being. When we express that emotion it is called a reaction.

            If we don’t like something then we get angry or frustrated. If we hear any good news we get happy. If some day we are very much tired and some one says that we are proud of you, you are doing a good job, what will we feel? We will be very happy and all the tiredness will be gone!!! Why, because our mind gets fresh, we feel good.

            Now, imagine another scenario, where the boss is really very angry on you as you fail to follow deadline, you have some family problem but still you have worked hard. You can’t express yourself neither in front of your boss nor family. You can feel the pressure you carry with you. Your mind will be fully occupied. If you share this with a friend then you will definitely feel good and the entire burden will be released, your mind will be free.

So, we really need to express our feelings so our mind will be free of any burden. You can share your feelings with friend, any one close to you or you can write diary or just think on the issue what ever you feel comfortable but EXPRESS YOURSELF. This keeps us healthy.

 We have got the power of thinking. We think on each small thing that has happened with us and try to conclude things based on our attitude. I believe that whatever happens, happens for the best. We may not like it at present but it is always good for us. We are whatever we think. If we think positively we find everything positive and vice-versa. THINK POSITIVE.  It helps us grow and give lots of energy!

Many times things don’t happen the way we want them to and we get frustrated. If we can’t change them then better to accept it. It reduces the intensity of suffering. ACCEPT FACTS. It will reduce most of the obstacles on your path.

Now, some common things we hear and read every where.

Eat healthy and exercise. Healthy mind stays in a healthy body. So, it is very important to keep our body fit and to do so we have to exercise and eat healthy food. Healthy food doesn’t mean boiled vegetables and tasteless food. It can be really tasty.

Practicing Yoga, meditation really helps!

I believe that there is no single master key to get peace of mind. We have to keep on practicing good things. We need to see what suits us. We need to Self Analyze every now & then, and decide what to do. It is a life long process….

Enjoy Life! We get it once, make the most of it. 


  • Express yourself: reduces burden on your mind
  • Think Positive: leads to positive actions.
  • Accept Facts: helps to be realistic, make things easier
  • Eat healthy and exercise: gives lots of energy to do what we want
  • Self Analyze: helps for self improvement



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