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Tips for the new bloggers- how to improve contents

I attended the Pune BlogCamp for the very first time. It was arranged By Bloggers for Bloggers.
There were some points explained by speakers which I found very useful for the new bloggers, these are:

1. Reader is more important than writer: We write blog to be read by our readers. We are the source of information for our readers, so whatever content we publish has to be selective & accurate. We must take lot of effort to gather information. Take help from wikipedia, use google alerts, mailing lists, twitter. Attend events. Seek out content by other bloggers and ask permission to republish on your blog.

2. Improve/ expand: Don’t just echo, write your own contents. Many times we see the same blog content repeated again and again. People read some blogs and copy information from those blog and combine it and post as new blog. Instead of just copying information, add your own points, may be other perspectives which are not covered. The points you may have found at the time of searching information on that topic.
Gather more information and try to think on alternate point of view. Add value to the content, write something original.

3. Radical Clarity: The write up should give the exact meaning of what writer wants to say. The content should be difficult to misunderstand, this much clarity is expected. Don’t write genaralized statements. Be precise about what you have to say. Reader should get clear idea of what you are focusing on. Make the content accurate. Simplify the things rather then making them complicated.

4. Write for lazy readers: Many times reader go only through the heading and highlighted points. Most of the readers stay on the page for less than 5 seconds. This much time we get to attract him to read the detailed blog. Highlight main points you want to focus on and give meaningful heading. Give some time for good heading selection.

5. Use tradition media style: As we observe in news paper and magazines they follow some specific style of writing and presenting the information, follow it.
a. Make section pages: Make different sections so the topics will be categorized, as we see in a newspaper and magazine.
b. Use Headline and sub headlines: Write headline and sub headline for the topic you are writing about, giving the exact idea of what the blog post explains.
c. Editor: It is best thing to have an editor for your blog, this can improve the quality of content. Editor has to be the one who will read your post carefully and point out the mistakes and contribute to add value to the post.

6. Get opinions from people: Get opinion from other people on how they find the content. Do not just focus on comments you get but also try to get feedback from people. Ask people to read your blog, who will read it carefully and will give you their true opinion on how they find the post.


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