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SVN Client for Linux (Ubuntu)

I have been using SVN for some of my projects on Ubuntu. I have used GIT extensively but not SVN. So I wanted some good GUI Client which will help me use SVN. I searched a lot and installed couple of clients and used them for some time. The best option I have come out with was SmartSVN which works like wonders.

Here is how it looks like.

Smart SVN

What are the advantages? What I liked?

To give some background, I work on Android as well. I used to work on Eclipse but then shifted to Android studio. Android studio has option to link that with SVN or many other type of version control system but we also need to maintain documentation, so I need something more than that. So  SmartSVN.

  • Very easy, clear user interface
  • Option to list multiple projects in project section
  • Easy way to checkout repositories, see history of committed versions, revert, update, change Server url and much more
  • It has huge menu bar options where you can do multiple things with your repository like Logs, graph
  • You can see the list of files where you have made changes or files which are added
  • Last but not the least that free version available 🙂

I have also used Rapid SVN but you can’t see above mentioned features and ease while using it. I hope it will save your time to search option and read all top searched options for the same.



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