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Apache Server: Page Not Found Error [Error 404]

I had Skype already installed on my machine and then I installed Apache Server. The installation process was successful, but when I tried to run localhost page from Apache Sercer, it gave me error 404, page not found. It was quite surprising as installation process was fine. Then I found the solution as Skype and Apache both use port 80, so there was a problem.
There is a setting on Skype which will solve the problem. Follow these steps:
1. Open your Skype.
2. Go to Tools -> Options -> Advanced-> Connection.
Following screen will appear. You can see a checkbox for “Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections”, uncheck that and restart the Skype and restart the Apache Server. Your problem will be solved.


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2 Responses

  1. Ashish Mishra says:

    Nice info… Keep it up Pallavi…

  2. Pallavi,

    I think there was some issue with your open ports. As far as my information is concerned, minimum requirement for Skype is that it needs unrestricted outgoing TCP access to port number 1024 and above, especially 9010 OR to ports 80 and 443. The former is preferred by Skype.

    Reason is simple: some organizations may have blocked most of the ports, but port 80 and 443 blocked rarely (as these are used for HTTP, HTTPS respectively).

    So, in case Skype fails to make connection on port 9010 (or any port number 1024 onwards), it attempts port 80 and/or 443. The sentence “Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections” indicates ALTERNATIVE use of port 80/443.

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